Innovating and growing in yarn since 1969

We are a textile group specialized in the manufacture of synthetic yarns. From our headquarters in Anglès (Girona) we manufacture for the whole world from our manufacturing plants in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Poland, strategically located to cover global needs.

Specialized in spinning, false twist and air texturing, twisting, interlacing with elastomer, dyeing, warping, production and development of master batch and recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer waste.


Continuous filament and fibre production

We develop and produce special synthetic polymer yarns.


Natural environment and social responsibility

Thanks to our processes and sustainable products, we contribute to the preservation of the environment.


Quality and technical assistance

We produce under high quality standards following the principals of global certifications.


Global service and production

With production plants in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Poland and a commercial presence in more than 20 countries.


Starting from different raw materials, also in recycled version, we offer a wide range of tailor-made continuous filament products.


We have expanded our range of products for the textile sector, incorporating the staple fibre production process which allows us to offer recycled fibre for different sectors and applications.