In our sustainable line we are committed to environmentally friendly processes and technologies.

Antex places great importance on the conservation of the environment. We are actively involved in efforts to ensure energy efficiency and water conservation as well as in ways to reduce contamination levels through the elimination of non-biodegradable waste. In line with our principles Antex is committed to the usage of environmentally friendly processes and technologies which:

  • Create products which help us comply with European Union environmental conservation regulations
  • Contribute towards a reduction in energy consumption and water conservation
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preserve non-renewable natural resources
  • Reduce the ecological impact of non-biodegradable waste

We have developed a range of sustainable products which combined with our I+D allow us to obtain high performing and environmentally friendly yarns.

Synthetic polymer yarn created from post-consumer waste, specifically designed to adapt to the requirements of each end application. Our whole range has a GRS Certification.

Recycled yarn created from the waste produced during textile production processes and from end of usable life textile products. Favouring zero waste production systems which allow us to transition from a linear economy to a circular one.

By introducing dye during the extrusion spinning processes we obtain yarn of excellent regularity and colour light fastness. This process requires considerably less water and energy consumption when compared to aqueous alternatives.

Biodegradation is one of the options being considered to combat the great quantity of plastic waste which ends up in landfills. Backed by laboratory testing and scientific evidence, Yarnaway yarns offer a unique solution to landfill contamination by increasing biodegradation in biologically active landfills.

The Seaqual Initiative fights plastic contamination and collaborates in the removal of marine waste from our oceans and thereby helps our society to progress towards a circular economy. As part of this initiative we have developed a wide range of Seaqual yarns for different sectors and applications which are 100% recycled and contain marine waste.

The recycling process

Our recycled product line commences with textile chain post-industrial waste and material from the selective collection of PET containers.

This origin diversity covers a wide range of products and closes the textile chain’s recycling circle. The Ecoantex process includes filtration and polymer treatment systems which help to prevent product deterioration and allow us to produce identical properties to those of yarn originating from virgin polymer.

The waste is shredded and extruded in order to re-process and convert it into polymer chips which are then re-used in a wide range of products.